Freelance Composer

Giorgio Pastore, also known as "Joe Pastore" born May 3rd, 1976, is an Italian artist and as any other artist he is eclectic. He has been interested in writing since his early years, sure enough he wrote his first stories and musics as a teenager. He has always shown great interest for music and cinema; he writes poems, songs and short stories, he plays in many bands and takes part in many competitions, always gaining a place on the podium. He graduates in History in 2007. Later the editor Eremon publishes three of his books: "Dèi del cielo, Dèi della terra" (Celestial gods, earthly gods) through which he sees again the Genesis from an E.T. point of view, "La ricerca della pietra filosofale" (The search for the philosopher's stone) and "TTT: Time Travels for Tourist" a science fiction novel. He recently wrote, directed and composed the music for short and feature film; he wrote subjects and screenplays. Then he works as video editor for Gametime, a TV format (on air on AXN) and Crossover Universo Nerd. Joe is a History and Geography teacher in a highschool near Milan, Italy, but he is also working on different kinds of projects such as short films, web series, movies and new books. He composed the soundtracks of Links the web series, Stargods, Occultus and many others.

Giorgio Pastore
P.I. 07554870969